We established Valchev Ltd. in 1994 with main activity production and trade in dairy and other food products. The most important thing for us was to ensure the best quality of the goods sold at excellent prices. After 10 years of food selling, in 2005, we put into operation our modern production base in the land of Asenovgrad. Located on an area of ​​4300 square meters, our production has a capacity of over 430 tons per year.

In 2014, the second major expansion of the production base was completed. We have built a modern plant for cutting and packing food in small packages, as well as refrigeration equipment for their storage. Its activity includes production and packaging of butter, cream cheese, margarine, jam, honey and others in polystyrene boxes from 8 g to 200 g intended for hotels and catering, as well as vacuum packaging of various types of dairy products.


We set up our company

Back in 1994, in times of uncertainty and controversy, we decided to start our production and trade in food products. In the beginning, only as sales company, our pursuit of maximum quality at a good price made us gradually organize independent production of various foods.



We have expanded our warehouse base

With the expansion of sales, our warehouses became narrower. We have increased the storage space for products and started looking to the future.


New production plant

After 10 years of commercial activity, production came as a natural process. We chose this difficult path of development as a manufacturing enterprise because we wanted to create the food we sold. That is why in the land of Asenovgrad we built our factory with a capacity of over 430 tons per year with finished products.



Another production plant

The growing demand for new products in modern packaging has led us to expand our production plant by investing in a modern enterprise for cutting and packaging of food in small packages. Thus, we had the opportunity to offer mini cuts of 8 g for HoRECA, becoming a leading supplier for the industry.